2023 Calendar Photo Contest Winners

A sunset with the words " the beauty of thacher and straitsmouth island 2 0 2 3 ".

Thacher Island Association is pleased to announce the winners of our 2023 Calendar Photo Contest. The 2023 calendar includes twelve magnificent photos, below, all winners of the photo contest. These exceptional photos have been taken by Thacher volunteers and visitors, as well as a couple of professional photographers.

Congratulations to all of our contest winners, and many thanks to all who submitted photographs this year!

A bird standing on top of a rock near tall grass.
Thacher Proud
Photo by: Dave Dougherty
A lighthouse with purple flowers in the foreground.
Flowers at Thacher Island North Tower
Photo by: Camille Glick
A lighthouse on the shore of an island with a full moon in the background.
Pink Moon
Photo by: Melissa Cox
A lighthouse on top of a rock with the sky in the background.
North Tower [photo: Julie Bisgaard]
A butterfly is flying over the flowers near a lighthouse.
Monarch Visiting
Photo by: Julie Bisgaard
A lighthouse sitting on top of a grass covered field.
Night Watch Begins
Photo by: Jeff Corliss
A lighthouse with flowers in the foreground.
Orange Snaps
Photo by: Scott Bisgaard
A rainbow over the top of a lighthouse.
Rainbow Over South Tower
Photo by: Larry Haynes
A lighthouse with a storm coming in from the sky.
Lightning Storm
Photo by: Julie Bisgaard
A lighthouse with the sun setting in the background.
Sunrise at Straitsmouth Island
Photo by: Camille Glick
A view of two lighthouses from the water.
Sunset Approaching Twin Lights
Photo by: Joel Swan
A view of the moon and some light houses.
Thacher Island at Dawn Facing West
Photo by: Peter Mowschenson

The Thacher Island Association is grateful to Skip Montello who judged this year's photos and donated the cover photograph, Straitsmouth Rising. Skip has more than 30 years experience as a photographic scientist, engineer and technology leader at Polaroid. His photographs are available at www.skipmontellophotos.com.

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All calendar proceeds go toward maintenance and restoration efforts on both Thacher and Straitsmouth Islands.