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Cape Ann Light Station Thacher Island

A National Historic Landmark

Mission Statement

The primary mission of the TIA is to serve as the fund raising arm for the Thacher & Straitsmouth Islands Committee. Being a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, TIA is able to raise funds via a number of methods including, sale of Thacher Island related merchandise, grant writing, fund-raisers such as an annual lighthouse cruise, art and photography days, auctions, and membership fees, as well as donations. TIA assists in the historic preservation and operation of both Thacher and Straitsmouth Islands and their structures.

Goals include:

  • Stimulate interest and facilitate visits to the islands.
  • Raise funds through Association memberships and other sources.
  • Improve and maintain the historic structures.
  • Improve and maintain the scenic trails, picnic and camping areas.
  • Preserve the islands' unique natural and historic attributes.

The ultimate role of TIA is to encourage visitors to enjoy the cultural, historical and scenic benefits that the islands have to offer.


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