01. straits aerial 1
  • 01. straits aerial 1
    Aerial of the 31 acre Straitsmouth Island located off the coast of Rockport, MA.
  • 04. aerial
    Keeper house during restoration of the new roof in 2011.
  • 05. aerial
    The three key structures that encompass the Straitsmouth Island Light Station, the keeper house, oil house and lighthouse.
  • 06. tower
    The 35 foot tall lighthouse was totally renovated in 2013.
  • 6A. renovation
    Tower was re-pointed, power washed and repainted in 2013.
  • 08.3 towers
    Thacher Island stands about a mile to the south of Straitsmouth Island.
  • 09. oil hse tower
    The 1905 oil house, used to store kerosene for the lamp light, was restored in 2010.
  • 11. keeper hse after 2013
    Association volunteers take a break while helping to restore the Victorian styled keeper house in 2013.
  • 11A before restore
    The keeper house before restoration began in 2011.
  • 12. sailing thru gap cove
    Granite sloop Albert Baldwin sailing through the “gap” in 1920. Boat house on the right built in 1867 and eliminated in 1937.
  • 13. .straitsmouth1835
    The original 19 foot tall 1835 lighthouse was replaced by this 24 foot tower in 1851.Note the octagonal sides and “bird cage” lantern.
  • 14._Straitsmouth_MA_1925
    This 37 foot cylindrical brick tower replaced the 1851 tower in 1896 and still stands today.
    The entry house to the tower was destroyed by the “Perfect Storm” in 1991 and never replaced
  • 17. solar panels
    The light and fog signal was automated in 1990 using solar panels for power.

Facts about Straitsmouth Island Light Station.

First lighthouse was established in 1835 to mark the entrance to Rockport Harbor.
The lighthouse was rebuilt in 1851 and again in 1896.
A 6th order Fresnel lens was installed in the lantern in 1857.
The current Victorian styled keeper house was built in 1878 similar to the one on Thacher Island.
In 1932 the light was converted from white to green.
Coast Guard moved the station to shore at Gap Head and sold the island to private parties in 1934.
Coast Guard continues to maintain the light as an official aid to navigation today. In 1967 the island (except for the lighthouse) was donated it to Massachusetts Audubon Society who maintains it as a wildlife sanctuary.
Straitsmouth Island was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1987.
In 2010 the lighthouse and 1.8 acres of land was given to the Town of Rockport by the coast guard.
In 2014 the Town of Rockport signed a long term 30 year lease with Mass Audubon for the use of the keeper and oil houses.