Live Web Cams on Thacher and Straitsmouth Islands:

Thacher third floor camera:

Thacher boat ramp camera:

Thacher South Tower camera:

Thacher back of boathouse camera:

Straitsmouth Oil House Camera:

Straitsmouth Lighthouse(Seal Cam) Camera:

Live Weather Station on Thacher:

Other Interesting Lighthouse Pages:

Cape Ann Museum site of the First Order Fresnel lens once installed in the south tower on Thacher island.

Keepers John & Darlene Fulton’s daily photo log of their work on Thacher since 2003 to last year.

Lighthouse Photos and great information by Jeremy D'Entremont.

National Historical Landmark-Lighthouses-Complete text of Thacher Island NHL nomination.

The United States Lighthouse Society

Lighthouse Digest, Wells, Maine

The New England Lighthouse Lovers

Drone Photography-

Links to Rockport and Cape Ann:

Sandy Bay Historical Society.


Schooner Adventure America's last fishing schooner and a National Historic

Town of Rockport

The Rockport Chamber of Commerce Website RockportUSA

The Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce Website

The Essex National Heritage Commission Page

Natural Light photography of Leslie Bartlett. Follow the Gleam:

Halibut Point State Park

U.S.Fish & Wild Life Service at Parker River Refuge.

Cruises around Cape Ann:

Seal Tours in Rockport

Places to stay:   

Captain's House on Marmion Way,Rockport. .

Eden Pines Inn on Eden Road, Rockport.