Island view from eastern shore to the west.
  • Island view from eastern shore to the west.
  • North Tower with covered walkway c. 1910
  • North Tower Keeper House without covered walkway c. 1930.
  • Principal Keeper and Assistant Keepr Houses with picket fence and outhouse c. 1880.
  • Keeper George E. Kezer. Unkforms were required after 1884.
  • Third Assistant Keeper William Merrill Reed andhis wife Dora and daughters Alice & Louise 1904.
  • Unidentified keepers pose on July 28, 1896. This may be Principal keeper Addison Franklin Tarr, with telescope, who served from 1881 to 1912.
  • Assistant keeper John E.H. Cook with his wife Emma and son Donald in 1911.
  • John E.H. Cook (far right) with other assistant keepers.
  • Visitors arrive from Loblolly Cove c.1930.
  • Keeper wives often fished to supplement the family food supply.
  • Eugene Larsen with wife “Dina” and children Eugen, Alice, and Marie c.1916.
  • Eugene Larsen served as keeper at Sankaty Head Light on Nantucket shown here as a model for a Granger tobacco ad in 1930.
  • First Assistant Keeper, William Daggett, 1918 -1926.
  • George Kezer with his oldest son Harlen and younger son Thatcher Warren born on the island in 1900.
  • North tower with fishing schooner passing c.1910.
  • Keeper William Daggett (1870-1945) tending his cow near the North tower c.1918.
  • South tower with two original fog signals c.1868
  • Coal cart near the radio compass tower operated by the U.S. Navy c.1911.
  • Whistle house with railway trestle to the roof where coal was deposited to run the steam powered fog signal.
  • Lighthouse tender USLHT “Mayflower” delivering coal and supplies on August 12, 1913.
  • Current whistle house with cover cistern and schooner passing by the South tower.
  • South Tower , covered walkway and keeper house, 1864.
  • North tower keeper house c.1868.
  • Unusual perspective showing all major structures, c1890.