TIA was formed in 1980 to raise funds for the island and not burden the Town tax rate.
1985 - Designed and built the Thacher Island launch and donated it to the Town .
1989 - Donated funds to restore the North Tower.

Since 1994 TIA has raised over $1,500,000 for restoration and maintenance of the island and it's historic structures.

Since 2001 TIA has raised over $14,000 from rental and camping fees all turned over to the Town's General Fund.
- Donated $140,000 toward the restoration of the island boat ramp in 2000.
2001 - Initiated the National Historic Landmark designation which has enabled us to win many more historical restoration grants.
2001 - Restored the Assistant Keeper house.

2002 - Established weekly work crews every Wednesday providing over 3000 man/hours each summer 2002.
* Established a 30 place camp site for visitors. 2003.
* Restored the Principal Keeper house in 2003-2007 and gave it to the Town.
* Donation of a Gem Car electric cart for transportation around the island 2004.
* Purchased a new hydraulic boat winch for the boat house in 2005.
* Installed solar electric power grid to replace the submarine electric cable in 2006.
* Added Solar power the North Tower light in 2006.
* Volunteers re-roofed the boat house, utility house and whistle house 2006.
* Volunteers built a shed dormer for the oil house for equipment storage

NHL plaque

* Volunteers rebuilt 5 porches on the keeper houses 2002-2007.
* Donated new Zodiac boat to Town for keeper use 2008.
* South Tower major restoration in 2008.
* Volunteers built a generator shed next to the South tower 2008.
* Volunteer keeper internship program instituted to live and work on the island and welcome over 3000 visitors annually 2008.

* Whistle House restoration 2006-2010.
* New 16kw generator donated to island and utility shed prepared by volunteers 2009.
* The cistern was rescreened and new water pump and pipe system installed 2009.
* New Museum and Visitor Center established in the Principal Keeper house 2009.
* Volunteers have tripled the number of weekly boat trips to the island in the summer free of charge to the public.
* TIA has over 750 members 450 of whom live in the Rockport/Gloucester area.